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This is without any doubt the most unique and most exclusive collection on the F-104 STARFIGHTER, produced by PRO-WING, the leaders in aviation video…

The F-104 Lockheed “Starfighter” was undoubtedly one of the most legendary jets in the history of aviation.
No other fighter jet appealed so much to the imagination and no other fighter was used in so many air forces around the world. When the last Starfighters were flying their final missions, leading European aviation film maker Luc Denis Delestinne decided to save those precious moments on tape.

The PRO-WING crew prepared all their gear and headed south to Italy to the
10 th Gruppo Caccia in Grazzanise, where the last operational missions of the very
last F-104’s in the world were captured on tape for ever…
The result are two unique films, now available on DVD and both a “must have” for every true F-104 fan in the world.


Producer Luc Delestinne used state of the art equipment for the production of this prestigious film such as High Definition cameras and advanced PRO-WING’s Pilot’s View® micro cameras for truly amazing footage in flight.
This realistic in-flight camera technique became PRO-WING’s trade mark over the years, appreciated by fans and pilots alike…

Delestinne is one of the only aviation film producers in the world who’s Pilot’s View® mini cameras are « flight-safety approved » to put even on the pilot’s helmets,
giving us some of the most breath-taking in-flight views ever seen.

This camera technique allows the viewer to discover a dramatically realistic view on what really goes on in the cockpit during the flight…
PRO-WING puts the viewer in the pilot’s seat!

Some years ago, PRO-WING had already produced a unique double video to celebrate the 40 th Anniversary of the FRECCE TRICOLORI. This exclusive double production became a milestone in aviation video.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the Italian Air Force, the PRO-WING crew received a warm welcome in Grazzanise and got a splendid support, enabling them to film the true life on the Base, including the flight preparations and after flight checks, day and night, giving the viewer a realistic and complete overview of the different activities of the Base.

DVD 1: “F-104EVER: the last STAR fighter ©”

Part one of the historical F-104 DVD Collection is a true world exclusive: you’ll be able to experience the very last operational flights of the very last F-104’s in the world:
the film offers you:

  • Real life at the base
  • full pre-and after flight checks
  • engine power on’s from pilot’s and crew’s point of view
  • breathtaking cockpit views, air-to-air and the Pilot’s View©
  • a unique air-to-air formation between an F-104 and an F-16 filmed from the F-104’s Pilot’s View©
  • A must have for every aviation fan!

DVD 2: “THE LEGEND: Eternal Star ©”

Part two of the historical F-104 DVD Collection is a truly unique piece of art: you’ll be able to experience the very last operational flights of the very last F-104’s in the world and you’ll be able to experience the power of flying an F-104S Starfighter…

Exclusive cockpit action in abundance, superb HD quality footage, a story that will leave nobody untouched. Probably the most unique professional production in the world about the legendary F-104 Starfighter. For true fans only! Without any doubt an educational, historical and emotional production by one of the greatest specialists in aviation video today…


The legendary close formation team from the Belgian Air Force, the first and best team ever on the F-104 Starfighter.

Col. Steve Nuyts, ADC Palmer Devlieger and crewchief Raymond Delestinne wrote history with their daring display on the F-104.

Based on historical footage, interviews and in-flight shots from the actual displays,
PRO-WING produced this unique page of aviation history on DVD. The Slivers and their breathtaking show is now yours to discover, and to revive, for ever!