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More than 30 years ago, when Luc Delestinne produced his First human interest film Eagle Men©, Air Force authorities, Press and spectators alike, were enthused by the refreshing new approach that he gave to aviation video.
PRO-WING successfully captured the soul of aviation, the pilots became human, recognizable. They became people you ‘knew’, role models for young aviation enthusiasts and ‘friends’ the public could relate to.

Through the PRO-WING productions, a wide audience of people have been able to learn more about aviation, become more interested in aviation.
Schools and historical libraries use PRO-WING production for educational and historical purposes…

Driven by the desire to bring the reality of aviation to the spectators, PRO-WING developed the Pilot’s View© onboard camera technique, enabling viewers to share,
both visually and emotionally what goes on in the cockpit during the flight,
in a way they had never experienced before.

Pilots are equally thrilled and excited when they see how dramatically Realistic their actions in the cockpit are recorded and shared with many thousands of enthusiast viewers. Military and civil organizations even rely on PRO-WING’s expertise for training and evaluation video briefings and programs…

PRO-WING has been producing films about aviation since 1990. The films are a tribute to the pilots, mechanics and all support crews, who keep aviation safe.

Over the past 3 decades, producer Luc Denis DELESTINNE became a friend to numerous air forces, civilian teams and solo performers. PRO-WING presents the BELGIAN AIR FORCE as never before, with the largest collection of F-16 films ever, an impressive tribute to the C-130 HERCULES and to the legendary SLIVERS on F-104 Starfighter. PRO-WING's international reputation led it to be asked to realize the official production to mark 40 years of FRECCE TRICOLORI, the largest military demo team in the world. Producer Luc Delestinne made several official films about the NATO TIGER MEET, created unique series like WINGS & LEGENDS and MASTERS of the SKY, with legendary pilots like NIKOLAY TIMOFEEV and the Hungarian AEROTRIGA-Malèv TEAM. In short, PRO-WING is a globally appreciated ambassador for aviation in all its aspects, true to the motto: HONORING THE PAST TO INSPIRE THE FUTURE. Be part of it!