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14/12/2023: Celebration of Life - NIKOLAY TIMOFEEV.

On Oct. 14, 2023, family and friends gathered for a gripping tribute to Nikolay Timofeev. Guitar legend Steve Morse, along with his equally talented son Kevin, dedicated an impressive guitar piece to his late friend. And, U.S. Aerobatics icon Patty Wagstaff, along with 2 fellow airmen, performed a Missing Man formation in honor of Nikolay. Nikolay Timofeev will forever be remembered as one of the most inspiring aerobatic pilots and coaches.

29/07/2023: Nikolay Timofeev was a beloved and well-respected aerobatic pilot, coach and aeronautical engineer. He passed away suddenly on July 21st, 2023 at age 67. His battle with a number of health setbacks in recent years showed his courage in facing life challenges head-on; he stayed strong and optimistic until the end.

Nikolay: 14/12/1955 - 21/07/2023
Nikolay Timofeev



Nikolay Timofeev has an impressive flying record: a former test pilot in the SUKHOI 26M program, Nikolay is a triple aerobatic World Champion Unlimited, he performs for more than 13 years in the unlimited class in Europe and the USA and he’s a certified pilot engineer.

Based on his experience, Nikolay designed a “down to earth” training program that allows each aerobatic student to start from his own personal level. It is his mission to offer the best possible personal training and coaching program in the flying business.

His “Continuous Aerobatic Training and Evaluation Program™ offers the best training facilities, with an intensive personal and individual coaching and briefing, followed by an audio-visual debriefing after each solo flight. The tailor made individual training scheme with integrated evaluations will allow each students pilot to gradually improve his/her flying skills and fine-tune their maneuvers in a constructive and safe way, under the supervision of one of the most accomplished aerobatic pilots in modern aviation.


Nikolay Timofeev has training facilities in the USA and Europe. His home base training camp is located at Dunnellon, Florida , guaranteeing good weather conditions all year long for national and international students.

However, Nikolay’s Continuous Aerobatic Training and Evaluation Program™ can also be organized in other locations in the USA , in Europe or any part of the world, depending on availability.

Nikolay’s unique personal training and coaching methods have made him extremely popular. Make your reservations on time, so that you’re sure of your personal training program with him at your best convenience.

Nikolay can coach up to 3 different pilots per day. Group training camps are allowed up to 6 students, with a minimum of 6 training days, but individual training programs can be designed according to personal needs and wishes.

For more information and reservation, contact Nikolay Timofeev at