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Pro-Wing 30

30 years ago, Luc Delestinne produced his first aviation reality film called "EAGLE MEN(c)". Today, with "JOZEF, Master of the Sky (c)", he's connecting the past with the present, producing a milestone film: as a Flemish born native Belgian, with "JOZEF" Luc Delestinne produces a true story of a Canadian born Belgian pilot, Marc "Jozef" Bongartz, actually living in Sankt-Vith in the East, German speaking part of Belgium. Marc was the youngest operational F-104 pilot in the world and one of the most spectacular F-16 display demo pilots of his generation. Marc is telling his incredible story in French and Simon Schrimpton-Smith is doing a native English voice-over. One cannot imagine a more international production, with a clear Belgian/Flemish/English/German/French/Canadian impact... The past is clearly inspiring the future... Expected release in 2020. STAY TUNED for the Real Stuff!


On the occasion of PRO-WING's 30th anniversary, another new film will be released in 2020. This inspiring film will tell the incredible story of the famous Russian unlimited aerobatic pilot NIKOLAY TIMOFEEV and his journey from Russia to Florida in the USA. This unique production is supported by legendary guitar player and composer STEVE MORSE.

Nik and Steve